A series devoted to the important transition into adolescence. Great novels which narrate the feelings of youngsters, their stories of growing up and the changes in their lives.

  • Imprint: Giunti Junior
  • Series: Extra
  • Pages: 192 b/w
  • Size: 14 x 21,5 cm
  • Binding: Softcover
  • Price: 10,00 €
  • Age: 12 and up
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Down With Garibaldi! - Angela Nanetti
A fourteen year old girl, a mother left for a younger woman, and the difficulty in adjusting to a new situation. A journey with HIM – this is how fourteen year old Melania calls her father – will bring about conflict, rebellion but also hope that a new dialogue can be established.

Angela Nanetti is one of the most loved authors in Italy and abroad. She was awarded the Italian Andersen Book Prize, the French Prix Chronos and she is included in the Ibby Honour List. Her books are published in more than twenty countries.

The Right to Fly - Sofia Gallo
This new novel in the Extra series narrates the romantic and political life of a young girl at the beginning of the 1970s.
The novel The Right to Fly grew from the re-elaboration of real experiences which were seen and experienced by the girl in her youth.

Elena is just over 18 years old, she has a boyfriend who is actively involved in politics and who makes her participate in all this, a sister who is younger than her and is attracted by the more frivolous aspects of life and a younger brother whom she is very fond of. Protests, strikes, cyclostyles and demonstrations combine with the girl’s first love experiences, the search for approval from her parents who are too distant and her attempt to find her place in life and to build her own future.

Sofia Gallo is a prolific children’s writer who only recently started to successfully write also for teenagers.

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