They are not simply different, they are monstrously different!

The series Orrendi per Sempre (Hideously Ugly) tells the story of a group of friends with strange powers which come from their difficulties. One of the characters is called Dead… and she is really dead (sometimes she even loses a limb like Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride). Another is called Creep, he’s always wounded because he comes from a country at war, however, he is able to heal others. Then there is Electric Shock, who gives a shock every time he feels emotions. These three odd friends are brought together by Albein, an intelligent kid who lost both his legs and whose mission is to save all children in trouble. Albein founds the group of the 'Hideously Ugly' who, thanks to their peculiar characteristics, will be able to help children in danger. This series for readers 10/12+ is an ode to diversity, one of children’s worst fears at that age.

Hideously Ugly #2 - The Secrets of Blaad  (192 pages)

Hideously Ugly #3 - In the Mines of Molooc (192 pages)
After facing the fearful Blaad in volume two, our hideous friends leave for an even wackier journey: Lalla takes them to the Kingdom of Cormundia, a.d. 1150. Our friends travel back in time to save a group of children who have been forced into slavery for the color of their hair - red! - by the wicked Tritan. They will also meet new hideous members including Saxolino, the young dwarf son of Dwarfoz. They are strong, brave, but also funny. In this adventure, there is even a young dragon ...

Aquilino Salvatore was born in Tradate (Varese). He is a teacher and ran the “Youngsters’ Shop”, a place for entertainment and psychological support, which gradually became a theatrical company. He also directs the “Sparrow’s Theatre”.
In 2009 he won the Cento Prize with his novel, Ti salverò, Canaglia!

Illustrations are by Iacopo Bruno, an illustrator who has illustrated many very successful books in Italy.

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