Picture books


  • Imprint: Fatatrac
  • Series: Grandi Albi
  • Pages: 32 in colour
  • Size: 21 x 29,7 cm
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Price: 13,50 €
  • Age: 4 and up
  • In the mood of:

The Donkey’s Christmas - Ermanno Detti, Sophie Fatus
It’s almost Christmas. An ox and a donkey are preparing a crib where Baby Jesus will be put in war-torn Palestine. A very topical message of peace and hope that can be used to present the story of Christmas to young children.

Not today tomorrow’s ok - Lucia Scuderi
The ostrich is a non-flying bird, a diversity that makes life difficult for it. “Not today, tomorrow’s OK, come back tomorrow and you will find things this way” is the sentence that the small cockroach shouts, when the ostrich continues to postpone… its flight. But, surprisingly, its fragility will in the end make it appear nice to the other small animals in the desert. In times when we often hear about bullying being present even in nursery schools, a story in which the protagonist is not appreciated because he is the strongest, but rather because he is aware of his limits and makes the others accept them.

Why dogs hate cats. Why cats hate dogs - Simona Meisser, Céline Meisser
Have you ever wondered why dogs and cats are always chasing each other?
In these two beautifully illustrated albums you can read the funny episodes that have led to the best friends of man and children! to not stand each other. By reading the adventures, misunderstandings and sensational developments, young readers will learn how, according to the authors’ imagination, this actually happened, seen from two completely different angles, and they can have fun siding with either dogs or cats … or both!

Sara’s flight - Farina, Possentini
This touching story of a bird and a robin is set in World War II. The little robin decides to take its new friend with him, because concentration camps are just too cruel for a child. Accompanied by Sonia Possentini’s intense illustrations, the book tells a beautiful, lyrical, and unique story.

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