Picture books


  • Imprint: Motta Junior/Fatatrac
  • Series: I cuccioli
  • Pages: 32 in colour
  • Size: 22 x 28/11 x 26 cm
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Price: 12,00/7,90 €
  • Age: 5 and up
  • In the mood of:

The Dwarves of Mantua - Gianni Rodani, Margherita Micheli
In Mantua’s Ducal Palace, there is a truly special apartment, where everything is minutiarised. Who possibly could have lived here? Obviously dwarves!
Only that the dwarves were not so happy to be so … small, very small. So one day they rebel against Captain Bombardo, they go out of the palace and remain amongst the people because they have decided to … grow up!

Margherita Micheli is a very young and promising illustrator. She lives in Urbino, where she attends the ISIA (Institute for Artistic Industries). She was selected at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in 2008.

Gianni Rodari (1920 – 1980) was an Italian writer and educationalist, who specialised in books for youngsters and children, which have been translated into many different languages. In 1970 he won the Hans Christian Andersen prize.

Close your eyes and dream - Federica Iacobelli, Chiara Carrer
It’s Christmas Eve. Mil and Til want to stay awake at all costs. So they invent a game: they close their eyes and see what happens. From one dream to the next, Til and Mil reach the following morning, when they open their eyes again and see that sometimes dreams can come true.

Federica Iacobelli writer and journalist. She found in children literature her passion for writing. She enjoys studies on cinema as well as theatre and drama.

Chiara Carrer is an extremely gifted Italian illustrator known all over the world. She has illustrated over 50 books for children which have been honored in Italy, Germany, Austria and Spain.

The good word - Nicoletta Codignola, Arianna Papini
Once it is opened, this book becomes a real manger-scene. It is devoted to today’s children, who are compelled to live with a series of contradictory signs and it reproposes the days around Christmas, that extraordinary and very clear message, which beyond one’s religious creed, maintains its uniqueness and sensational force against any form of prejudice and racism.

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