Picture books


  • Imprint: Fatatrac
  • Series: Albi d'autore
  • Pages: 32 in colour
  • Size: 21 x 21 cm
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Price: 13,50 €
  • Age: 4 and up
  • In the mood of:

Irma the tiger - Valentina Mai
In the circus ring, an animal trainer and a fierce tiger face each other in a spectacular performance before an enthusiastic public. What sensational secret lies behind such a dangerous stunt? A heartwarming story thanks to the simplicity of the texts and fine illustrations.

A wolf in love - Sandro Natalini
The woods have been invaded by the print and television media, and a crowd of inquisitive people have besieged the small houses of the Three Little Pigs, who have become very astute sellers of souvenirs: the Wolf was GOOD! But how is this possible? And above all, why did he become a vegetarian? A very amusing thriller with a love story twist.

Roaring paper - Fabrizio Silei
Can paper roar? Or miaow, talk in Chinese, trumpet, howl? A simple sheet of paper, with a few folds, a hole, a few cuts and a play of light comes to life and becomes a ferocious lion or sweet kitten. The nursery rhymes linked to the characters in the book are their music, voices which talk from the paper world.

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