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health and well-being for children

  • Imprint: Progetti Educativi
  • Series: Io sto bene
  • Pages: 32/48/64 in colour
  • Size: 14,5 x 18,5 cm
  • Binding: Paperback with jacket
  • Price: 6,50/9,90 €
  • Age: 5 and up
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Best-loved authors, a scientific committee of doctors and professors experience converge in a series that explains in easy terms the world surrounding children, and promotes their health and well-being with illustrated stories.

Flying high - Roberto Piumini, Marco Somà
Nine short stories that narrate the small little things that make children happy: learning to ride a bike, meeting new friends, visiting grandpa to learn how to make a dough, learning to lace shoes…

A beating heart - Roberto Piumini, Anna Laura Cantone
A book that gives voice to all emotions a child can feel, and experience without being able to understand or express them. Anger, anguish and beating hearts are the main characters of Piumini’s poetic rhymes accompanied by Anna Laura Cantone’s warm-toned illustrations. 

Ziri on the moon - Anna Sarfatti, Simone Frasca
Thanks to the adventures of Ziri the Zebra, children will learn how to deal with anaesthesia, with the help of doctors and parents.

The neverending match - Simone Frasca
Friendship, having fun together and feeling good: because sport is, first and foremost, a game.

    Already published

  1. Frightned Billi: Children’s fears
  2. Eli and Mo: Friends for the web
  3. The neverending match: When sports is a game
  4. A beating heart
  5. Ziri on the moon: The voyage of anaesthesia
  6. Flying high

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