Fantasio is a very funny cat with a strange fuchsia coloured coat, involved in the adventurous search of the magical Feline Stone. A succesful hero for the very young readers.

Tabbylandia is the wonderful world of cats. There are eastern folks and western folks, different cultures, good cats, nasty cats and… magic cats, called magicats. Magicats live a long way away from the others, though, in a place that is off-bounds: Magikandia!
Legend has it, that hidden somewhere, is the GREAT FELINE STONE, a magic stone that makes all your dreams come true. According to an ancient prophecy, only a friendly and honest magicat, with fur of a colour that has never been seen before, will be able to find the precious stone. In many Tabbylandian states the odd explorer has attempted to find the stone but no one has ever managed; but when in Felindor, capital of Cattail (a peninsula that is rich in art and history), Fantasio is born – a big beautiful cat with a fuchsia-coloured coat – some begin to think that he might just be the magicat in the prophecy.

Fantasio the Cat and the desert of the broken tails - 5th title
What is the use of the mysterious Silver Compass? Only magic books and Fantasio’s great ideas can reveal the secret. After all, Fantasio is now a super duper investinventor! The research will take Fantasio and his friends far away from quiet Felindora, but they will defeat the evil Macats and the wicked BaST trio. Thanks to his magic tail and exceptional courage, Fantasio’s friendship with Shix and Rosia will get stronger, and so will Powina’s love for the craziest cat of Catown.

    Already published

  1. The magical adventure of Fantasio The Cat
  2. Fantasio The Cat and the book of the four golden claws
  3. Fantasio The Cat and the enchanted mine
  4. Fantasio The Cat and the wax statue
  5. Fantasio The Cat in the desert of the broken tails
  6. Fantasio the Cat and the Girobaffo enchanted carousel

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