A modern classic

A series of family scenes based on the author’s experience as a mother converge in her firstwork. A mother and her two children, named Leo and Lia, talk about feelings, everyday discoveries and events. Despite the fact it was written over a century ago, this book is still modern, as the innocence and the curiosity of these two kids aged 2 and 4, their big questions and the simple and effective answers a mother can find will absorb even the most modern of young readers. How we were born and how we die, puns, arguments and fun times: these are some of the themes of this true classic.

Laura Orvieto debuted with this book in 1909, combining her passion for literature, especially Greek and Latin mythology, with her love for children. Her biggest success, Storie della storia del mondo, celebrates one hundred years in print this year: a classic that has never ceased to go strong.

Vanna Vinci is one of the most talented, award-winning Italian illustrators. She hass won the Yellow Kid and the Romic Awards.

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