'Leggo Io' means I'm READY TO READ!

Easy, short & smart texts to start with. Short stories to thrill kids with the idea of reading!

  • Imprint: Giunti Junior
  • Series: Leggo io
  • Pages: 64 in colour
  • Size: 15,5 x 22,5 cm
  • Binding: Softcover
  • Price: 5,90 €
  • Age: 5 and up
  • In the mood of:

Eugenio the InventorS. Vecchini, A. Vicente
Eugenio is an inventor but people have lost interest in his inventions and his shop, once overwhelmed by requests, is woefully empty. One day, taken by despair, he meets a little girl who has run away from home: she cannot stand being alone anymore. Her parents always leave her with a nanny. Eugenio decides to build a nanny-analyser for her so that she can be with someone she likes. Will Eugenio be up to the task?

    Already published

  1. Herminius Onion’s Journey
  2. Cockerel Hercules
  3. A Trick for Hercules
  4. Tiny Tales
  5. Mr. Carrot
  6. Gaetano the Seagull
  7. Today I’m Happy
  8. Little Hedgehog Won’t Go to Sleep
  9. Gloria Muccalesta Superstar
  10. Princess Goldensand
  11. And ever since that day …
  12. Chikita the Talking Monkey
  13. Little John of the Dragons
  14. Snow Magic
  15. Have a Chuckle, Rabbit!
  16. Every Time I See Melina
  17. Cherry Cheeks
  18. Fabio Smash-All!
  19. The Rainbow
  20. The Tales of Fuffoli
  21. Look Out for the Fairy!
  22. Apple
  23. De-piction
  24. The Dwarfs of Mantua
  25. The Emperor Wolf
  26. Martin the Cat
  27. The Back-to-Front Town
  28. Eolina, The Good Fairy of Sea-Boys
  29. The Sweet Scent of Cheese
  30. Good-Looking Gertrude
  31. Humphhh!
  32. Valeria, You’re Late!
  33. Three Cheers for Skool
  34. Papertoise and Snaiper
  35. Dribbling Ambrose
  36. Four Princesses for One Kingdom
  37. After That Day
  38. Little Sara
  39. Eugenio the Inventor
  40. The Return of the Rainbow-Whale

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