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A saga in four volumes with 1 million of copies sold!

  • Imprint: Giunti Kids
  • Series: Nina
  • Author: Moony Witcher
  • Illustrator: Ilaria Matteini
  • Pages: 304/336
  • Size: 14 x 22 cm
  • Binding: Hardcover with jacket
  • Price: 13,50 €
  • Text length: about 80.000 words
  • Age: 8 and up
  • In the mood of:

The heroine, Nina, is the granddaughter of an alchemist called Misha, and inherits his magnificent villa on the island of Giudecca in the Venetian Lagoon as well as his magical skills. She spends her energies finding out about the mysterious planet Xorax, also known as the Sixth Moon, which she must save from the evil count Karkon Ca’ d’Oro, who runs a sinister Orphanage which turns out to be full of androids. In the process she finds the secret of space travel and the true purpose of the statues on Easter Island, and the Venetian Lion of St. Mark comes to life...

MoonyWitcher, the Italian answer to Harry Potter
MoonyWitcher is the pen name of Roberta Rizzo, journalist and writer, born in Venice in 1957. After obtaining a degree in philosophy, she taught Italian middle and secondary school children and is now deputy chief editor, crime news and legal affairs correspondent. Always a keen follower of philosophical themes, she has undertaken studies and research in the field of child psychology and educational theory, subjects from which she has drawn inspiration for her novels.

    Already published

  1. Nina, the child of the Sixth Moon
  2. Nina and the mistery of the eighth note
  3. Nina and the curse of the plumed serpent
  4. Nina and the secret eye of Atlantis

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