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Nina And The Golden Number - Moony Witcher
It’s been just a few months since the victory against Karkon. Venice and the world of children are saved from Evil. But the dangers of the Alchemy of the Dark is still a reality. Evil wizards and bloodthirsty warriors, ancestors and followers of the Ca’ d’Oro Count are plotting in the dark. Just like a poisonous fog, the thought of the defeated alchemists lurks in the air, and ghosts from the past are coming back for vengeance. They have a powerful weapon that only Ethereal, the Great Alchemist Mother of Xorax, can face. The destruction of universal harmony is almost complete because evil has broken the Golden Number – the number containing the beauty of shapes and the grace of the whole universe – into three parts. The world is about to fall into chaos. Karkon and his followers, back from the underworld, will fight again against Nina and her loyal friends who have now become young alchemists. Recomposing the Golden number seems impossible, but the child of the Sixth Moon will use alchemy to send evil back to the abyss, she will learn to control the flames of the magical candles, because it is only looking through their flame that she can see the places where the three parts of the Golden Number are hidden. 
As it happened with the previous volumes, the story will be set in lots of different art sites and mysterious locations where fascinating characters are brought back to life. Aside from Venice (with its Pala d’Oro –and the drawing representing the Golden Number, both present in St Mark’s Basilica), events will also take place in Florence (Giotto and Leonardo Da Vinci), India, Africa, Northern Europe and there might be a reference to the Crop Circles. 
Nina will be surrounded by Roxy, Fiore and Dodo once again. There will be sweet Meringa, the Russian nanny, and Nina’s parents, who will not hinder their daughter’s decision, since they are aware that she has a future as an alchemist, just like grandpa Misha. Nina’s original friends will be part of the new series, too: Gughi, Sbacchio, Tintinno, Quaskio and Ondula, in addition to many new, fantastic creatures. In particular, the amazingly beautiful but extremely wicked ghost, Livio, will interfere with Nina’s mission by dangerously seducing her.

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