True love never arrives from the heavens above. More often it comes from the depths of the earth…

An original, gripping and entertaining journey into the emotional world of a teenager’s heart.

The Kiss of Death
Thea is eighteen years old and is irreverent, funny, and rebellious. In a beautiful palace near the border of Romania, Thea and her companions undergo intense training to be able to fight the Azura, merciless Demons from the underworld. But when a mysterious warrior arrives and is assigned as Thea’s sparring partner during her training against the Azura, Thea’s happiness and the tranquility she had known within the palace walls are at risk. It turns out that he, Damian, is a fascinating male succubus with a dark and painful past. He is also sexy enough to make it very difficult for Thea to concentrate …

This adventurous, ‘page-turning’ novel, will be expanded into the trilogy, The House of Demons, a fascinating mosaic of breathtaking adventures where unforgettable characters will find themselves fighting not only against the real Demons but against the inner demons found so frequently in young, impulsive hearts.


Marta Palazzesi is twenty-eight years old and lives in Milan, Italy. When she is not writing she is busy collecting old postcards, studying Russian, and reading dull romantic novels which she compensates for by reading thrilling young-adult novels. Hers is a new and powerful voice in the world of YA literature.

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