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  1. Have fun!

    This series of manuals is made of books in padded cardboard with color illustrations. It is aimed at youngsters aged between 6 and 12, and features a vast array of fun and entertaining suggestions: proposals for games to play... Read more

  2. Passion

    Illustrated book on dance Dance is a fascinating yet ephemeral art, which leaves hardly any tangible traces in thespectators’ minds. Therefore in order to be understood, every form of dance must be contextualised in a historical period, geographically and... Read more

  3. Cook Italian!

    The complete book of Italian cuisine Italy boasts a unique culinary heritage that goes back to two thousand years of uninterrupted history. Although Italy has a common language, the regional culinary differences are many. Since variety is the country’s... Read more

  4. I'm a cook!

    The tastes of your vegetable garden A book to discover traditional recipes, and all the ingredients we used to grow in our garden. Vegetables are the starts of this volume that will teach you how to use our healthy... Read more

  5. Healthy Cuisine

    How to remain healthy without giving up the pleasures provided by food. A series of cookery books conceived for a new nutritional education, which combines well-being and naturalness. Putting up with discomfort or an illness does not necessarily mean... Read more

  6. Green Thumbs

    Gardening, a healthy and relaxing passion. For those who have green fingers and for those who are convinced that they do not have them, to help them take care of a large garden or even a small plant with... Read more


    Festivities and traditions of the world Traveling is a marvelous experience. Mainly because it gives you a chance to discover and participate in the customs and festivities celebrate throughout the world which speak about tradition, habits and beliefs of... Read more

  8. Natural Remedies

    Preventing and treating ailments using natural remedies. Plants and minerals, treatments and manipulations, foodstuffs, herbal teas and essential oils: a wide range of traditional remedies, not only from the West, to prevent, cure and help us keep in shape... Read more

  9. Popular Psychology

    This new series, directed by Paolo Meazzini, proposes titles on popular psychology. The aim is to make available to readers, who lack a grasp of notions on psychology, a series of self-help tools to overcome strong personal or familiar... Read more

  10. How-to

    Decorating with flowers All techniques and materials to create wonderful floral compositions, make bases and optimize their use. Guidelines on how to choose seasonal flowers, and match colours. Not only will you find ideas to keep beautiful compositions and... Read more