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  1. Great picture books, great artists

    Irma the tiger - Valentina Mai In the circus ring, an animal trainer and a fierce tiger face each other in a spectacular performance before an enthusiastic public. What sensational secret lies behind such a dangerous stunt? A heartwarming... Read more

  2. Great picture books, great artists

    High spirits and jealousy - Lucia Scuderi A fun-packed, colourful album which tackles the delicate issue of children’s feelings. Sometimes small children are caught off-guard by powerful and sudden feelings, both positively and negatively. My spider friend - Gloria... Read more

  3. Great picture books, great artists

    Mythos - Lisa Nanni Animals are the main characters of this collection of stories. Each story focuses on a mythological event and a special characteristic of the animal that may be well known or lesser known, depending on whether... Read more

  4. Big size visuals

    The Donkey’s Christmas - Ermanno Detti, Sophie Fatus It’s almost Christmas. An ox and a donkey are preparing a crib where Baby Jesus will be put in war-torn Palestine. A very topical message of peace and hope that can... Read more

  5. Great Picture Books, Great Artists

    The old man of the woods and the two little mice (a lift-the flap book) - L. Tolstoj, A. Rivola This large hardcover album is the first of a new series of lift-the-flap books: you can read the story... Read more