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  1. Etiquette

    Etiquette - R. Bellinzaghi Good manners for every situation: in a taxi, at the bank, at home or at the theatre. Learn the tricks to behave with style on every occasion. Read more

  2. Cookbooks

    Grandma’s sweets Finally, a book has been published allowing us to rediscover the taste and aromas of cakes and sweets of days gone by: real delicacies prepared by our grandmothers and which we have never forgotten. This book is... Read more

  3. Knitting

    Knitting is an ancient art that now attracts an increasing number of people. This book, which illustrates more than 300 traditional and modern stitches, is an introduction for beginners, but it also deals with complex aspects and, at the... Read more

  4. Jewels

    How to make jewels A pendant which brings to mind the colours seen during a walk in the mountains, a ring with a mosaic reminiscent of those you saw during a trip to Venice, a tinkling necklace made of... Read more

  5. Cook Italian!

    The complete book of Italian cuisine Italy boasts a unique culinary heritage that goes back to two thousand years of uninterrupted history. Although Italy has a common language, the regional culinary differences are many. Since variety is the country’s... Read more


    Fit mum - Elaine Barbosa, Monica Taranto A new fitness programme aimed at the well-being of new mums. This practical manual is dedicate to all mothers that have given birth from at least six week and who want to... Read more

  7. I'm a cook!

    The tastes of your vegetable garden A book to discover traditional recipes, and all the ingredients we used to grow in our garden. Vegetables are the starts of this volume that will teach you how to use our healthy... Read more

  8. Green Thumbs

    Gardening, a healthy and relaxing passion. For those who have green fingers and for those who are convinced that they do not have them, to help them take care of a large garden or even a small plant with... Read more

  9. Becoming Parents

    I’m expecting a baby. A comprehensive guide for your pregnancy A practical and elegant package providing all the information required to dispel any doubts or satisfy the curiosity of expectant mothers. A perfect travel companion to help them serenely... Read more

  10. Popular Philosophy

    A series of books on popular philosophy that allows laymen “to understand philosophy”, guided by expert philosophers who are not part of official academia, but rather have a “hands-on” approach and tackle the daily questions and problems of today’s... Read more