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  1. Secret stories

    Well-documented books, faithful to the most up-to-date scientific facts. Biology, cosmology, physics are not dry scholastic subjects any more, on the contrary, they are becoming wonderful worlds to discover. When physics talks girls’ talk - by Monica Marelli Discover... Read more

  2. On darwin's trail

    From 28th December 2006 to 9th January 2007 a group of seven children and a biologist covered the most important stages of the voyage Charles Darwin made between 1831 and 1836 aboard the Beagle. This voyage allowed Darwin to... Read more

  3. Games for all tastes

    Science Quiz - Giacomo Spallacci Did you know that a heart beats about one hudred thousand times a day, every day? And that basilisks can run on the water surface? And could you say if we ever managed to... Read more

  4. The astrobook of the universe

    The good points of this book are its comprehensiveness, scientifically rigourous information combined with amusing, playful drawings. An astroNOMICAL, astroNAUTICAL and astroPHILE book, designed for children who want to approach the subject as well as those who already have... Read more

  5. “E” for Economy

    “E” For Economy Is a practical handbook to make children know the complex and intricate field of economy. We use money every day, yet we know very little about it. Besides telling a lot of curious things the book... Read more

  6. Teste Toste

    A question of numbers - by Bruno D’Amore and Federico Taddia What’s the biggest number in the world? What are binary numbers? Bruno D’Amore will take us for a swim in the ocean of numbers. Buno D’Amore is a... Read more

  7. Flashes of genius

    The scientist, the genius is talking in first person, and with a very colloquial language. Each book is a kind of personal diary. The illustrations are integrant part of the text, as brilliant notes to what is being told... Read more

  8. My first dictionary of science

    A as in atom. B as in biodiversity. C as in computer. D as in DNA. Science has many words indeed! Luca Novelli presents Novellina, a complete dictionary for children wanting to explore scientific notions. Every entry is explained... Read more

  9. The island of time

    Large, coloured, scientifically updated illustrations and fascinating period prints. The book contains a small botanical guide, information on how to create your own herbarium and botanical tables. A travel diary belonging to professor Salsapariglia, a botanist and explorer sent... Read more

  10. Logics for early learners

    Black cats, white cats There is only one neighbourhood in the city holding a peculiar record: it is inhabited by black cats alone. Nevertheless, all of a sudden, a white cat shows up, and disproves this shared truth. The... Read more