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  1. It’s Child’s Play!

    My first books Packed in an original gift box, these four little books let children explore the sense of touch, with a bath book and a fabric book, and stimulate creativity with two tiny board books and their appealing... Read more

  2. Play and learn!

    Books for preschoolers committed to the evolving needs of children, parents and teachers, to make sure that fun and leisure go hand in hand with learning. Activity and picture books give children a head start in learning how to... Read more

  3. It’s Child’s Play!

    This is one of the brand’s best selling series with over 200,000 copies sold in Italy in the past year! These original titles help children learn the first pre-school notions - from the alphabet, to understanding and writing numbers... Read more



  6. Trees

    The Art of Bonsai - Antonio Ricchiari Learn all you want to know abou the art of bonsai. Splendid photos and illustrations will show you how to accomplish the most beautiful of results using the latest products and techniques... Read more

  7. General knowledge atlases

    The pocket book transforms into flexible atlantes for voyages into history and science, to learn and expand knowledge, and to satisfy curiosity. Inside, texts – popular but rigorously scientific – offer a range of reading levels with information windows... Read more

  8. The Atlases of Knowledge

    This series offers clear and comprehensive studies in various topics, including mythology, history, philosophy and religion, driving all kind of readers through the various spheres of knowledge. A rich apparatus of appealing illustrations complete those informative books that have... Read more

  9. Friend of the world

    Through simple but exciting daily stories, children can discover the towns, habits, traditions, food and games of the small protagonists who live in distant places. Many common elements – such as feelings, fears, sentiments, love – are juxtaposed with... Read more