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    A series that targets different age groups (seven and up, eight and up, ten and up), with books that are different by content and design. The first six volumes are written by five of the best Italian authors of... Read more

  2. Tell me why

    What do children ask about nature and its wonderful phenomena? This series answers their questions, which are always very precise, and often unpredictable. Using a language that alternates between reality and lively imagination, the authore tackles topics which are... Read more

  3. Playing cards

    Myths, classics and stories made into activity books. With the illustrated cards collected in a small case, kids can create a fantastic puzzle measuring 68 x 81 cm. Le parole per stare insieme A story for young children to... Read more

  4. Animal tracks

    Bold outlines and bright colours. The pages that open up reveal animals which children are most fond of, and the padded cover, make these lovely game books suitable even for tiny toddlers who will have great fun discovering the... Read more

  5. Discover the hidden animal

    Tiny pockets Here is a new, exciting series of lift the flap board books. Every page has a rhyme or a riddle for kids to discover the hidden animal... lift the flap and see if your kid’s guess was... Read more

  6. Big size visuals

    The Donkey’s Christmas - Ermanno Detti, Sophie Fatus It’s almost Christmas. An ox and a donkey are preparing a crib where Baby Jesus will be put in war-torn Palestine. A very topical message of peace and hope that can... Read more

  7. Creativity at its best

    The story mill - C. Balzarotti A terrific new project just in time for Christmas: an eye-catching gift box in the shape of a coffee mill. Selected for children of around 3 years old, these classic fables by the... Read more

  8. Great Picture Books, Great Artists

    The old man of the woods and the two little mice (a lift-the flap book) - L. Tolstoj, A. Rivola This large hardcover album is the first of a new series of lift-the-flap books: you can read the story... Read more

  9. Great picture books, great artists

    The Dwarves of Mantua - Gianni Rodani, Margherita Micheli In Mantua’s Ducal Palace, there is a truly special apartment, where everything is minutiarised. Who possibly could have lived here? Obviously dwarves! Only that the dwarves were not so happy... Read more

  10. Great picture books, great artists

    Irma the tiger - Valentina Mai In the circus ring, an animal trainer and a fierce tiger face each other in a spectacular performance before an enthusiastic public. What sensational secret lies behind such a dangerous stunt? A heartwarming... Read more