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  1. Giunti Ragazzi Universale

    Adalberto’s memories - Angela Nanetti Almost a classic in the school world, this book has highlighted the important stages of youngsters in growing up. It has made the author become famous and she has become one of the most... Read more

  2. Becoming Parents

    I’m expecting a baby. A comprehensive guide for your pregnancy A practical and elegant package providing all the information required to dispel any doubts or satisfy the curiosity of expectant mothers. A perfect travel companion to help them serenely... Read more

  3. Basic scientific atlases

    A valulable resource for secondary school and university students alike, these informative, easy to read, pocket atlases focus on all the different branches of scientific knowledge. Each volume introduces the story of the subject, then it provides the reader... Read more

  4. Who manipulates your Mind?

    Who manipulates your mind? Old and new persuaders. How to recognise them and defend yourself from them. Hidden persuaders and master manipulators study collective psychology to keep it under control and to exploit it, influencing the behaviour of the... Read more


    One of our best selling series, Bollicine includes a collection of stories by some of the most acclaimed Italian authors for beginning readers who are just starting to read independently. Simple sentences, and lively illustrations help kids into the... Read more

  6. Take a look!

    Learn about shapes and dimension with these friendlhy animals: peep through eyes, mouths and noses and see what’s hidden in the next page! Read more

  7. Etiquette

    Etiquette - R. Bellinzaghi Good manners for every situation: in a taxi, at the bank, at home or at the theatre. Learn the tricks to behave with style on every occasion. Read more

  8. Fishandchips

    His name is Fishandchips. He is a small, orange dinosaur with one ear smaller than the other who came in the night on a dancing star! He is fond of candies’ wraps (the yummiest thing he’s ever tasted!), and... Read more

  9. Cookbooks

    Grandma’s sweets Finally, a book has been published allowing us to rediscover the taste and aromas of cakes and sweets of days gone by: real delicacies prepared by our grandmothers and which we have never forgotten. This book is... Read more

  10. Taste

    Panettone - Carlo Cracco, Davide Oldani A classic Christmas tradition originated in Milan, the Panettone is now known and appreciated all over Italy and the world. Chefs Carlo Cracco and Davide Oldani propose some unique recipes to pair the... Read more