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  1. Meet the Espositos

    Meet the Espositos by Pino Imperatore Following Roberto Saviano’s international best-seller, here is a new way to fight camorra: with a good laugh! The rione Sanità - the same area where Totò, the most popular Neapolitan comedian, was born... Read more

  2. Giunti Ragazzi Universale

    Adalberto’s memories - Angela Nanetti Almost a classic in the school world, this book has highlighted the important stages of youngsters in growing up. It has made the author become famous and she has become one of the most... Read more

  3. The Right Word

    With about 2,000 phrases and 3,000 words, all with phonemic transcription, the new Touring phrase book dictionaries are an indispensable tool for people visiting a country whose language they do not know. How to move around, accommodation, eating out... Read more

  4. Surprising books

    Are you ready to go? Here are a very special train and ship! Not only can you turn the page of these books but also... open them! Pull the page and find another one hidden behind it! Read more

  5. Authentic Italy

    Authentic Italy After Rome, Tuscany, Sicily, Sardinia, Umbria, the ‘Authentic Italy’ series is enriched by a title of true excellence: Italy. The guide, available in Italian, English and German, proposes more than 50 itineraries across the regions of the... Read more

  6. Fascinating routes

    The Via Francigena The Via Francigena, in the past called the Frankish Route or Via Romea, is part of a network of routes that led to the three main Christian religious destinations in the Middle Ages: Santiago de Compostela... Read more

  7. Low cost guides

    Eat, sleep, travel on a budget with these handy guides for tourists who are passionate about travelling the world, without spending a fortune! Low cost art sites Italy has one of the finest collections of art masterpieces in the... Read more

  8. On the road

    Unmissable itineraries With fifty carefully selected itineraries, this is a guide to Italy’s most beautiful, yet undiscovered, riches. Avoiding the chaos of urban areas, all locations included are bound to bring out the beauty of Italy’s small towns and... Read more

  9. Green guide series

    New, modern and attractive graphics. A clear, easy and handy “guide in a guide” pull-out insert adds to the usual reliability of the Green Guides and focuses on suggestions of a practical nature. You can carry it in your... Read more

  10. Becoming Parents

    I’m expecting a baby. A comprehensive guide for your pregnancy A practical and elegant package providing all the information required to dispel any doubts or satisfy the curiosity of expectant mothers. A perfect travel companion to help them serenely... Read more