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  1. A green... little thumb!

    A series for children with the green thumb! Some readable manuals, full of tips and illustrations, help kids to choose the right basic utensils, vases and soil to plant and grow flowers, trees and plants. In short: these books... Read more

  2. Knowledge Tools

    This series of study books is made up of several titles that tackle the most diverse themes connected with school subjects. These illustrated books, packed with useful concepts, are aimed at the 9 to 13 age bracket. Continually updated... Read more

  3. Giunti Ragazzi Universale

    Adalberto’s memories - Angela Nanetti Almost a classic in the school world, this book has highlighted the important stages of youngsters in growing up. It has made the author become famous and she has become one of the most... Read more

  4. Shall we dance?

    Classical ballet. Techniques and steps - R. Baiocchi, M. Chiacchiera, C. Molinari This book is devoted to young girls who have one great passion in life: dancing. There is a small amount of theory and a lot of practice... Read more

  5. Gnummo boys

    Here come the Gnummo Boys - Otto Gabos Poldo, a chubby middle school student, is the neighbourhood nerd. His parents are former hippies who don’t allow him to watch tv or eat junk food. Ever. They are so passionate... Read more

  6. A library for youngsters

    Aliens, cats and plots - by Domenica Luciani Adam, a cunning and fearless boy, witnesses some strange phenomena, which could be related to the 2012 doomsday. Even his cat, which suddenly becomes sharply intelligent and is able to speak... Read more

  7. Have fun!

    This series of manuals is made of books in padded cardboard with color illustrations. It is aimed at youngsters aged between 6 and 12, and features a vast array of fun and entertaining suggestions: proposals for games to play... Read more

  8. What happens during puberty?

    What happens during puberty? How many taboos still remain around sex! And how many teenagers are curious about it! This book satisfies their curiosity in a simple, and clear way. The author is the well renowned Mariela Castro Espín... Read more

  9. Merlin

    Merlin. The magic of Stonehenge - New! Volume 3 Merlin is little more than a teenager and life is already imposing adult choices on him. The adventures of this youngster, who is becoming fully aware of his fate, unfold... Read more

  10. Nina

    Nina’s alchemy The big book of Nina de Nobili’s alchemistic know-how – the star of The Girl of the Sixth Moon. The Girl of the Sixth Moon’s adventures concluded with freeing Xorax and punishing the evil Karkon, but Nina... Read more