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  1. Have fun!

    This series of manuals is made of books in padded cardboard with color illustrations. It is aimed at youngsters aged between 6 and 12, and features a vast array of fun and entertaining suggestions: proposals for games to play... Read more

  2. Trees

    The Art of Bonsai - Antonio Ricchiari Learn all you want to know abou the art of bonsai. Splendid photos and illustrations will show you how to accomplish the most beautiful of results using the latest products and techniques... Read more

  3. Knowledge Tools

    This series of study books is made up of several titles that tackle the most diverse themes connected with school subjects. These illustrated books, packed with useful concepts, are aimed at the 9 to 13 age bracket. Continually updated... Read more

  4. Shall we dance?

    Classical ballet. Techniques and steps - R. Baiocchi, M. Chiacchiera, C. Molinari This book is devoted to young girls who have one great passion in life: dancing. There is a small amount of theory and a lot of practice... Read more

  5. Taste How-to...

    The Sommelier’s manual - Giuseppe Vaccarini The accurate descriptions of wine tasting phases are the core of the manual, followed by recommendations on food and wine pairing, guidelines for choosing the appropriate glass for different wines or on decanting... Read more

  6. For young responsible tourists

    I travel responsibly What are responsible tourists? And how should they behave? The stories of Elena and Berny, two daring, and curious friends, introduce five different aspects of responsible tourism, in five different chapters: environment, local communities, animals, shopping... Read more

  7. The secrets of digital photography

    Discover digital photography step by step with this manual: find out how to choose the right camera, learn about its functions, usage and accessories, but also about light, colour, framing, and post processing. A book packed with practical examples... Read more

  8. The big book of... science

    Climate handbooks - Daniele Pernigotti The problem of climate change does not seem to get the attention it deserves. This is why the Climate Handbook is a very important book. Is addressed to the new generations, who are destined... Read more

  9. Travel safely and responsibly

    Health Passport A complete, accurate manual to travel the world without risking your health. In cooperation with the Italian Society of General Medicine, this book targets the whole family, from children to adults and elderly, and deals with a... Read more