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  1. Agatha, The Fox & The Bogeyman

  2. ...So many stories!

    It is a delicate and precious moment when children go to bed; they need to be cuddled, loved and why not... also hear a nice story to close the day in the best possible way. There are adventure stories... Read more



  5. A green... little thumb!

    A series for children with the green thumb! Some readable manuals, full of tips and illustrations, help kids to choose the right basic utensils, vases and soil to plant and grow flowers, trees and plants. In short: these books... Read more

  6. A Healthy Choice: Vegetarianism

    For a vegetarian choice - Umberto Veronesi, Mario Pappagallo Umberto Veronesi and Mario Pappagallo indicate vegetarianism as an option for everyone: a change that can improve the quality of our lives, but also protect the planet and avoid suffering... Read more

  7. A healthy diet for a healthy skin

    Stay young at the table - L. Cuccarini, G. Fabbrocini, P. Romano Written by two dermatologists who have been committed to scientific research and the passion for good food, this collection of seventy delightful recipes will teach you how... Read more

  8. A library for youngsters

    Aliens, cats and plots - by Domenica Luciani Adam, a cunning and fearless boy, witnesses some strange phenomena, which could be related to the 2012 doomsday. Even his cat, which suddenly becomes sharply intelligent and is able to speak... Read more

  9. A special week-end

    Week-end guides, cities of the world A series dedicated to the most fascinating cities of Europe and the world, where you can spend a long week-end or short break. A handy guide, divided into four itineraries which propose ideal... Read more

  10. A thousand questions

    A thousand questions is the new series that offers an original way of disseminating information and reaching even the more weakest readers. The comprehensive books are scientifically rigorous, but also great fun and easy to read. on each page... Read more